"Urmila helped me in action sequences" - Shweta Kumar

While shooting for a crucial action sequence during the climax of KARZZZZ, debutant Shweta Kumar was worried that she may accidentally hit Urmila Matondkar. However, experienced Urmila came to her help and taught her the finer points of performing action sequences in front of the camera.

"I was so nervous since the scene required me to run and pounce on her neck", remembers Shweta, "In any case I have grown watching her movies as a kid and here I was sharing screen space with her. Now for the climax sequence, I had to go to an extent of strangulating her. I didn't know what to do since I was worried whether I may end up hurting her unintentionally."

Generally in scenes which require an actor to fall over another, a mattress is provided for cushion support. However, since this was a long shot on a wide angle, such precautions couldn't be taken.

"There were clear instructions that I had to fall on her and hold her neck. It sounded all so dangerous and I couldn't get it right at all. I was scared and hence very delicate in my approach. My action director was unhappy with the performance too and this is when Urmila sensed that something was wrong", says Shweta.

"She approached me and made me feel comfortable. Once I opened up, I told her about my fears. She first cajoled me and then explained in detail how to get the perfect shot. She taught me some finer points and mentioned how we could just bend on an angle and have a slight fall while pretending as if this has been done with quite some force. Thereafter she even went to the extent of demonstrating it herself. It was very sweet of her and my respect for her increased manifold after that", says Shweta in a sentimental tone.

"Even otherwise she has been very accommodating", continues Shweta, "Clich©d as it may sound but the fact is that in spite of years of experience behind her, she never threw her weight around. She was extremely down to earth and never made me feel like a newcomer. I would love to work with her again; she just makes you so comfortable on the sets."


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