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  • Jathre First Copy Ready

    Jathre First Copy Ready

    The 14 long years of penance to turn director in the arch light for Ravi Teja is getting ready to materialise. The film…

  • 'MR Mommaga' Talkie Over

    'MR Mommaga' Talkie Over

    Sumukha Enterprises Raghu Gowda production ‘Mr Mommaga’ has completed shoot at Kanakapura Road, Bannerughatta, Sringeri and other surroundings. With a scene featuring Oviya,…

  • MN Airavatha' On Oct 1

    MN Airavatha' On Oct 1

    The challenging star Darshan ‘Mr Airavatha’ is close to finishing of post production. It is going before the regional censor board in the…

  • Puneeth Gesture

    Puneeth Gesture

    Power star Puneeth Rajakumar has added one more social work and good gesture to his bank of ‘Punya’. Shooting at Mysuru for his…

  • Aishwarya Sindhogi is Priyanka's sister in Mummy

    Aishwarya Sindhogi is Priyanka's sister in Mummy

    Actress Aishwarya Sindhogi has been roped in to play the role of Priyanka Upendra's new film 'Mummy - Save Me'. 'Mummy- Save Me'…

  • Jyotsna's son named Shivam

    Jyotsna's son named Shivam

    Ace singer Jyotsna had given birth to a baby boy during the last week of July. A month is past and the singer…

  • Nirup engaged to Dhanya

    Nirup engaged to Dhanya

    The ‘Rangi Taranga’ successful film hero Nirup Bhandari, brother of director and music director of the film Anoop Bhandari is engaged to Dhanya,…

  • Ganesh brother Mahesh debut

    Ganesh brother Mahesh debut

    It is acid test for many newcomers in the coming month. The major acid test is for brother of golden star Ganesh =…

  • Uppi 2 duration Not Changed

    Uppi 2 duration Not Changed

    In the last two days there are rumours that 15 minutes of scenes have been added to Uppi2. Even online there are such…

  • Luv U Alia in Three Languages

    Luv U Alia in Three Languages

    Indrajit Lankesh directed film Luv U Alia will be the first film of Crazy Star Ravichandran to release in three languages since Shanti…

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