Gopichand-Anushka Shetty Marriage: A Rumor?

Gopichand-Anushka Shetty Marriage: A Rumor?

The very beautiful South Indian actress Anushka Shetty is allegedly all ready for marriage. She is apparently going to tie the knot with the actor Gopichand. According to some sources, both the stars are planning to get married by next year.

Anushka Shetty and Gopichand have acted in 3 movies together, including “Lakshyam” and “Souryam,” the smash hits. While shooting for the movie “Souryam,” both the stars allegedly developed feelings for each other. “Souryam” the Telugu film was released in the year 2008. J.Siva Kumar, the cinematographer-turned-director made his debut as a director in this movie. During the shooting, the Mangalore girl Anushka Shetty reportedly bought a flat in Hyderabad which was very close to Gopichand’s flat. It was supposedly in the same complex. According to sources, they use to travel in the same car during the shooting of “Souryam.”

The reports even reveal that Anushka Shetty as well as Gopichand’s family have given consent for the marriage. While people are widely searching internet to know more about the marriage, Gopichand has completely dismissed the issue calling it a rumor.

These kinds of rumors are not uncommon for celebrities. The gossip mongers love weaving tales about stars as their fans are forever curious to know more about their favorite actor and actresses. However, whether Anushka Shetty and Gopichand are really planning to tie the knot is not yet known. The glamorous Tollywood cum Kollywood actress Anushka Shetty is yet to speak on the issue. The fans of both the stars have to wait for some more time if they want to know more about the marriage.


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    Gopichand-Anushka Shetty Marriage: A Rumor?

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    Gopichand-Anushka Shetty Marriage: A Rumor?

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