Qasab attacks Agneepath

Qasab attacks Agneepath

Even though he is under strict police observation every time when he walks out for a trial, dreaded terrorist Ajmal Amir Qasab is leaving his mark in the city of Mumbai. The shoot of Agneepath, remake of yesteryears classic was supposed to take place at the streets of sea side in Mumbai but was called of by the Mumbai Police. The reason being Mumbai police fearing that Hrithik who was supposed to shoot may cause law and order problem as there is every chance of him getting mobbed and add to it police thought there may be some negative repercussions of the verdict which may cause some law and order issues. So the shoot was cancelled yesterday. Unit sources reveal that everything was on board for shoot to happen but in the end they had to postpone it to today. Looks like Hrithik is going through some bad patch off late as who’ll forget that actor turned up on the first day of Agneepath’s shoot even though he was not required. But when required on his first day of the shoot circumstances didn’t proved lucky for the actor.


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