Salloni bowled over by Salman's chivalry

Salloni bowled over by Salman's chivalry

By Manissha Despaande, Mumbai: Newcomer Salloni Aswani, who plays the female lead in Saawan Kumar's forthcoming film "Saawan - The Love Season", is impressed with Salman Khan's affability and helping nature, reports Bollywood Trade.

"He is the kind of person who goes out of his way to cooperate with his co-stars. What I liked most about him is the way he'd come to my rescue," she said.

"At times Saawan would not be able to hear me in the din and reprimand me for not reciting a dialogue properly. But Salman would tell him that he'd heard me say it properly. He's a fabulous co-star to work with and having him for a co-star is a big privilege," she said.

Salloni plays a student who falls in love with a young boy (Kapel Jhaveri) after much persuasion.

"The story takes a turn when Salman arrives and gives a big twist to the plot. The fun-loving girl suddenly finds herself coping with a very different set of circumstances," she said.

A die-hard Salman fan, Salloni hasn't missed a single film of her favourite star.


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