When Pankaj Kapur took a risk for a mere umbrella

When Pankaj Kapur took a risk for a mere umbrella

Pankaj Kapur has an interesting role to play in Vishal Bhardwaj's next release 'The Blue Umbrella'. After working with the enterprising director/composer in 'Maqbool', Pankaj Kapur is said to have given another terrific performance in The Blue Umbrella'.

In the film, he plays the role of Nandkishore Khatri is an obstinate, pickle-loving 60 year-old-man who owns a tea stall in a village. He is like a child who is constantly at war with village kids and invariably tries to fleece off their little possessions.

That being said, he is also a shrewd businessman, who knows the value of each rupee. He often cuts deals with the villagers, selling biscuits and toffees on credit in order to get what he wants. Although he has no real family to speak of, he has an affinity to the people of the village and treats them as his surrogate family.

What he lacks in the way of education, he makes up for with his ability to charm the locals and foreign tourists. As soon as the blue umbrella crosses Nandu's eyes, his desire for it and his constant need to be the centre of attention in the village, overtakes him and clouds his rational thinking.

To possess it, he is willing to risk almost anything.


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