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  •  A Different Attempt

    David - A Different Attempt

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    Story: The film revolves around two Davids, who dwell at two different place - one at Goa and other at Mumbai.David (Jeeva), a guitarist wants to become a musician but has troubles in his family.His father is a priest who faces wrath of a…

  • Above Average

    Chandramouli - Above Average

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    Story:The story starts with a flashback, Shivaji, Ashok and their mother (Bhanu Priya) live in Sri Lankan coastal village. Ashok envies his stepbrother Shivaji, with whom his mother is more attached to. They were forced to migrate to India from the natives of Sri…

  • The Princess story

    Chandra - The Princess story

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    Shriya Saran and Prem Kumar are the striking points of Chandra. Roopa Iyer has taken huge responsibilities of designing costumes, art direction along with story, screenplay and the direction departments. As a result, the film looks very rich with splendid colours. Chandra is the love…

  • Chandhamama Movie Review

    Chandhamama - Chandhamama Movie Review

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    Story:Chandamama revolves around a man named Santhana Krishnan who dreams of becoming a novelist. Whether he is able to realise his dream and whether he faces any problems along the way forms the crux of the plot.‘Santhanakrishnan’ (Karunaas) is a writer who wants…

  • Chaarulatha thrilling moments

    Chaarulatha - Chaarulatha thrilling moments

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    Charulatha is a romantic thriller based movie. In which Priyamani first time playing a Dual Role as conjoined twins in this movie. Skandha who is the Actor of Malayalam will play the male lead role.Two conjoined twins named Charu & Latha -both played by Priyamani.…

  • The lovers try to succeed

    Arjunan Kadhali - The lovers try to succeed

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    Arjunan Kadhali crux of the movie is love and the lovers who strive hard to succeed against the orthodox old generation. he story also deals with the influence love on basic pillar of relationships.Does love happens at first sight or not? Will the lovers…

  • Kindly skip it

    Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum - Kindly skip it

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    Annakodi you need to time travel into the past to the era where he ruled the industry with his films mostly set against rural backdrop. Wielding the megaphone after five long years, veteran filmmaker returns to narrate a love story set primarily around 3 villages…

  • Alex Pandian Is overdoze of action

    Alex Pandian - Alex Pandian Is overdoze of action

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    Alex Pandian had everything going for it, a star pair, peppy music including ‘Bad Boys’ video, a superstar comedian and the best promotions ever seen in Kollywood. However, the film turns out to be a potpourri of commercial mass masala not mixed in the right…

  • ABCD is a movie for dance lovers.

    ABCD Aadalam Boys Chinnatha Dance - ABCD is a movie for dance lovers.

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    Aadalam Boys Chinnadha Dance, the dubbed version of Bollywood flick Anybody Can Dance, is a new try in Indian cinema. This is the desi version of Step Up series, ABCD is not just about dance, but also about living your dream with passion. Directed by…

  • Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer Movie Review

    Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer - Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer Movie Review

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    This is a story that has never been explored before in Tamil cinema. You cannot classify this film as mainstream. The enormous impact of the script will be felt in the film’s second half", he said. Santhosh, a third year Loyola College student, plays the…

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