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  • Keeripulla is one action-packed ride

    Keeripulla - Keeripulla is one action-packed ride

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    Yuvan and 3 of his friends live the easy life, picking pockets, and committing petty thefts! One day, Yuvan saves Firosekhan's life from a gang who are chasing him, trying to kill him. Deeply indebted to Yuvan, he gives him his visiting card, asking him…

  • Half-baked commercial entertainer

    Karuppampatti - Half-baked commercial entertainer

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    StoryKothai (Ajmal), born and raised in France, decides to visit a small village called Karuppampatti in Tamil Nadu after the demise of his father to trace his familial roots. Upon arrival in the village, he learns that his father Manohar (Ajmal), who once belonged…

  •  Decent subject with passable narration

    Kanpesum Varthaigal - Decent subject with passable narration

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    Story:An alright tale the story is about Mahesh (senthil) who lives in Thiruvavur with is parents and is jobless. But he keeps enjoying with his friends. But his father (livingston) is upset and attempts suicide. This makes Mahesh get in touch with his relative…

  • Comedy Capsule

    Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya - Comedy Capsule

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    Story:Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya doesn’t break new ground. it’s plot isn’t original; the story is taken from Bhagyaraj’s yesteryear classic “Indru Poi Naalai Vaa”. It doesn’t feature prominent actors nor director. But, it does make you laugh from start to finish even though the…

  • A dummy gun

    Kallathuppakki - A dummy gun

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    Kalla Thuppakki is directed by debutant director Logiyaas and jointly produced by K. C. Murugesan and Devi Ravidevan under the banner name of Thithir Film House.The movie is all about the school students who take the law in their own hands to punish underworld…

  •  Not very interesting, can be ignored

    Kallaapetti - Not very interesting, can be ignored

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    Story:Yogi (ashwin) is a happy go lucky guy but in between he also does the job of Cutting broker. Meanwhile, his mother who is a vegetable vendor takes loan from Dandapani (namo narayana) at high interests. In one instance, Yogi comes across Jyotisha (veni)…

  • Love And Emotion

    Kadal - Love And Emotion

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    The story is simple. It's about the battle between good versus evil, personified by Arvind and Arjun respectively. In it, is intertwined the love story of the lead pair, played by Gautham and Thulasi, with sea as the backdrop. In the battle of good versus…

  • Glossy treatment

    Jai 2012 - Glossy treatment

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    Jai (Pawan Kalyan) is an orphan and is brought up by gangster Bhagawan (Jackie Shroff). He becomes his loyal follower and effectively counters rivals Atul Kulkarni, and on the other side, falls in love with innocent Sandhya (Sarah Jane Dias). Munna (Adivi Sesh) is the…

  • Don’t Miss it

    Haridas 2013 - Don’t Miss it

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    StorySivadas, a fearless cop on a mission inching closer to nabbing local rowdy Aadhi, is forced to leave the mission after he takes custody of his autistic son, Haridas, due to an unfortunate event. While the rest of the students of his age are…

  • Respectable debut for Sirish

    Gouravam - Respectable debut for Sirish

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    Story:Arjun (Sirish) goes to a village on business work and finds to know that his best friend has been missing from six months. Arjun tries to find out the truth behind the missing mystery, but he gets nil support from everybody. With frequent threats…

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