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  • Glossy treatment

    Jai 2012 - Glossy treatment

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    Jai (Pawan Kalyan) is an orphan and is brought up by gangster Bhagawan (Jackie Shroff). He becomes his loyal follower and effectively counters rivals Atul Kulkarni, and on the other side, falls in love with innocent Sandhya (Sarah Jane Dias). Munna (Adivi Sesh) is the…

  • Don’t Miss it

    Haridas 2013 - Don’t Miss it

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    StorySivadas, a fearless cop on a mission inching closer to nabbing local rowdy Aadhi, is forced to leave the mission after he takes custody of his autistic son, Haridas, due to an unfortunate event. While the rest of the students of his age are…

  • Respectable debut for Sirish

    Gouravam - Respectable debut for Sirish

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    Story:Arjun (Sirish) goes to a village on business work and finds to know that his best friend has been missing from six months. Arjun tries to find out the truth behind the missing mystery, but he gets nil support from everybody. With frequent threats…

  •  Smile and Inspire

    Ethir Neechal - Smile and Inspire

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    Ethir Neechal is about a young man Kunjipatham aka Harish (Siva), Geetha (Priya Anand) and Valli (Nandita) and how their lives intertwine. Revealing about the story would be a spoiler, but it can be said that it is simple tale of how a change in…

  • Good Emotions Film

    English Vinglish - Good Emotions Film

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    Sridevi plays Shashi, a middle-class homemaker with exceptionally good parenting and laddoo-making skills. Her only purpose in life has been taking extremely good care of her family despite being ridiculed by her own children and husband at her poor English-speaking ability.Along the course, Shashi…

  • Love and Affection

    En Peyar Kumarasamy - Love and Affection

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    En Peyar Kumarasamy movie about, a man who is caught between a mother who showers love and affection in abundance on him and an angry father who drains all his anger and frustration on him.

  •  A Different Attempt

    David - A Different Attempt

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    Story: The film revolves around two Davids, who dwell at two different place - one at Goa and other at Mumbai.David (Jeeva), a guitarist wants to become a musician but has troubles in his family.His father is a priest who faces wrath of a…

  • Above Average

    Chandramouli - Above Average

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    Story:The story starts with a flashback, Shivaji, Ashok and their mother (Bhanu Priya) live in Sri Lankan coastal village. Ashok envies his stepbrother Shivaji, with whom his mother is more attached to. They were forced to migrate to India from the natives of Sri…

  • The Princess story

    Chandra - The Princess story

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    Shriya Saran and Prem Kumar are the striking points of Chandra. Roopa Iyer has taken huge responsibilities of designing costumes, art direction along with story, screenplay and the direction departments. As a result, the film looks very rich with splendid colours. Chandra is the love…

  • Chandhamama Movie Review

    Chandhamama - Chandhamama Movie Review

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    Story:Chandamama revolves around a man named Santhana Krishnan who dreams of becoming a novelist. Whether he is able to realise his dream and whether he faces any problems along the way forms the crux of the plot.‘Santhanakrishnan’ (Karunaas) is a writer who wants…

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