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  • Cold hearted

    Nenjil - Cold hearted

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    Love stories are pet themes in Kollywood. Selvah, known for action-packed flicks, has tried his hand at a romantic entertainer set in London.The director seems to have been inspired by successful films of this genre like Shahrukh's Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengae.Starring Navdeep and…

  • A good attempt

    Mann - A good attempt

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    Debutant Pudhiyavan has come out with a romantic tangle in the backdrop of the existing rich-poor divide in Sri Lanka. The movie, shot entirely in the Tamil territories of Northern Sri Lanka, lends insight into the feudal set-up prevalent among the Tamils. Pudhiyavan deserves a…

  • For your eyes

    Idhu Kadhal Varum Paruvam - For your eyes

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    The passage of growing up is very complicated. Especially in the impressionable times of the teens. It is a phase that is fraught with possibilities and impossibilities. It, in a sense, decides what a person is and what he or she is not.It is…

  •  It’s all about romance

    Chennai Kadhal - It’s all about romance

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    It is not easy for anyone to try something different from their routine. Director Vikraman, hitherto known for his sentiment packed family entertainers, has tried a commercial pot-boiler with Chennai Kadhal. And with youngsters by his side, he has managed a decent outing.Though he…

  • Bright and bold

    Veiyil - Bright and bold

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    Like the famous character in Anniyan, there are perhaps two personalities residing inside Shankar. One, a world famous director who specializes in dramatic, grand, larger than life movies. The other, a producer who backs talented directors-directors who pick out-of-the-box themes and give it a real-life…

  • A heart rending film

    Nenjirukkum Varai - A heart rending film

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    Nenjirukkum Varai is a different outing altogether, for both the director S A Chandrasekharan and the hero Naren, of Chithiram Pesudhadi fame. The reason? Treading on a path less traveled by Tamil films in recent times.Naren€™s character captivates the audience even in the beginning.…

  • A cat and mouse game

    Aadu Puli Attam - A cat and mouse game

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    Gangster films have become a pet theme now. Though several movies have come on underworld, director Sanjay Ram deserves a pat for making one that is at once sincere and simple without taking recourse to anything fancy or frivolous.Seemingly inspired by Ramgopal Verma€™s films,…

  • Truths of life

    Poi - Truths of life

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    How do you start a review of a movie that is unconventional and does not have anything formulaic that the industry has grown up on? How do you recreate the story of a movie, which is sure to arouse extreme reactions. Poi, let us make…

  •  Water woes

    Thagappansammy - Water woes

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    Seemingly inspired by director Cheran's school of film-making, debutant Shivashanmugham has dished out a movie which dwells on a youth's passion for his native village and his heroics in saving his people caught in an alien land.The director has got his basics right. He…

  • Of human bonding

    Adaikkalam - Of human bonding

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    In Adaikalam, the story is about a father who has to endure the mortification of being away from his children and eventually being an object of their ire.Adaikalam, directed by Bhuvanaraja, is one tale of human emotions that is at once warm and acceptable.…

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