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  • A heart rending film

    Nenjirukkum Varai - A heart rending film

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    Nenjirukkum Varai is a different outing altogether, for both the director S A Chandrasekharan and the hero Naren, of Chithiram Pesudhadi fame. The reason? Treading on a path less traveled by Tamil films in recent times.Naren€™s character captivates the audience even in the beginning.…

  • A cat and mouse game

    Aadu Puli Attam - A cat and mouse game

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    Gangster films have become a pet theme now. Though several movies have come on underworld, director Sanjay Ram deserves a pat for making one that is at once sincere and simple without taking recourse to anything fancy or frivolous.Seemingly inspired by Ramgopal Verma€™s films,…

  • Truths of life

    Poi - Truths of life

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    How do you start a review of a movie that is unconventional and does not have anything formulaic that the industry has grown up on? How do you recreate the story of a movie, which is sure to arouse extreme reactions. Poi, let us make…

  •  Water woes

    Thagappansammy - Water woes

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    Seemingly inspired by director Cheran's school of film-making, debutant Shivashanmugham has dished out a movie which dwells on a youth's passion for his native village and his heroics in saving his people caught in an alien land.The director has got his basics right. He…

  • Of human bonding

    Adaikkalam - Of human bonding

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    In Adaikalam, the story is about a father who has to endure the mortification of being away from his children and eventually being an object of their ire.Adaikalam, directed by Bhuvanaraja, is one tale of human emotions that is at once warm and acceptable.…

  •  TR all the way

    Veerasamy - TR all the way

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    At a time when his son Silambarasan is playing the hero in Tamil cinema, veteran Vijaya T Rajendhar has competed with his son by playing a bubbly young hero.Veerasaami is a kind of movie which is sure to provide a quaint relish experience for…

  •  Beauty and Joy

    Mozhi - Beauty and Joy

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    It takes courage and conviction to take an untreaded path and leave a trail. That way, Prakash Raj can be called a trailblazer for he has, through Duet Movies, encouraged fresh talents and has consistently been translating dreams of creators into realities.Be it Anthapuram…

  • For action-lovers

    Agaram - For action-lovers

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    Nandha starrer Agaram is an action-paced entertainer. The movie is a tale of vengeance and has riveting action all through.Director Nagaraj has managed to sustain the momentum in the screenplay throughout. The problems that trigger off problems are, incidentally, those that spark off after…

  • All about friendship

    Kaanal Neer - All about friendship

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    Chinni Jayanth has earned a reputation for his comical roles on silvers screen. But the actor has opted to go the opposite way in his directorial venture Kanal Neer. He has rendered a serious film that dwells on friendship. Besides wielding the megaphone, the veteran…

  •  Realistic chronicle

    Periyar - Realistic chronicle

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    Director Gnanarajasekaran proved his mettle chronicling the life of poet Bharathi in his previous attempt. He has now gone a step ahead to record the happenings in the life of the rationalist leader E V R Ramasamay Naicker aka Periyar, who launched a crusade against…

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